Technology options for Training/ Learning among Residents during Covid-19 Pandemic

by Abimbola Amoo

Coronavirus diseases 2019 (COVID-19) is infectious diseases caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome- 2 (SAR –COV-2), which has been spreading at pandemic proportion and has collapsed the education system across the globe.1 This highly infectious disease mainly spread during large gathering or close contact sessions, leading to death. The COVID- 19 pandemics made every human activity from our daily social rituals to economic devastation.1,2 The residency or clinical training across the world has been disrupted during the COVID- 19 pandemic lockdown period.2

There are so many containment measures to counter the effect of the COVID-19 at the various institution level, including discouraging mass gathering people for lecture or training, reducing physical contact with another person, physical distancing, and lockdown of the cities.3 Lockdown is a protocol implemented by the appropriate authorities to restrict the movement of people from their home, leading to mass quarantines.3 As the pandemic lockdown duration increases, informal and non-formal training is also tremendously affected.3,4 However, there has been a movement towards virtue online meeting/ training due to an indefinitely shutting down of some college of health and suspension of physical seminar presentations.4 Therefore, online clinical training/ seminar became a pedagogical shift from workshops to webinars, from standard physical clinical residency training to zoom, from physical presentation training to virtual.4

Pre-COVID-19 era, online training and distance learning were regards as non-formal education; these are gradually replacing the formal residency training as the pandemic periods persist.4,5 These are some of the most used online technology communication platforms that are changing method of residency training system globally, including Zoom, Google Meeting, Future learn, Google classroom, Code academy, Wevideo, Examus, Coursera, ClassDojo, Adobe Captivate, Classtime, Claswize, Neo, Articulate 360, Edmodo, Blackboard Learn, Docebo, Buncee, Bakpax, Edmodo, Elucidat, Feedback fruit, Flipgrid, flop, Gynzy, GoGuardian, Kami, G suite, Kialo edu, Hapara, Edx,, Ted-Ed, Pronto, Skillshare, Parlay, Udemy, WizIQ, Seesaw, Plurasight, Out, Lectura Inspire e.t.c.6

In Nigeria, Zoom and Webinar are more relevant in clinical residency seminar and training as the current protocol by authorities is to discourage large gardening, embrace physical distance, and lockdown within the community hence encourage digital on training lockdown.7


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Dr Abimbola Amoo is a Senior Registrar in the Department of Medical Microbiology and Parasitology at the University College Hospital, Ibadan. He is an active member of Research Collaboration Network(RCN), Cohort I. His google scholar profile is available  at

Blog Editor: Oladimeji Adebayo

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