Benefits of Early Career Doctors Research Collaboration

by Dabota Yvonne Buowari

“Together, everyone achieves much.”

Collaboration is an essential ingredient in every aspect of life, including research. Research collaboration may be formal or informal depending on the setting, inter or professional, and within people of the same profession and speciality. Even with a research collaboration, other collaborations within the initial collaborations may occur with better opportunities.

The Research Collaboration Network of the Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors has led to professional relationships, networking and collaborations. The research collaboration has caused other chapters of the Nigerian Association of Resident doctors to establish their local trainee led research collaboration network. For instance, the Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital Association of Resident Doctors has established its research collaboration network with some collaboration with the national group.

The research collaboration network of early career doctors prepares them for academic medicine as it spurs and sparks other early career doctors’ interest by encouraging them to be involved in research. In the future, early-career doctors in Nigeria will be authors of articles published in the high impact peer-review journal before they become consultants. Some may even be authors of high-quality books and monographs. Some organisations, especially international health organisations, require that a prospective employee be an author of some articles; this forum serves as a stepping stone.

It is also necessary for early career doctors who wish to pursue a career in academics, members of the research collaboration at the time of employment as lecturers in universities will be at an upper advantage than their counterparts because due to the number of articles they have authored, promotion to becoming professors will take a shorter time. The research collaboration network in future may also be involved in international collaboration with other early career doctors and junior doctors from other countries and other parts of the world. The network also prepares its collaborators to be leaders of other research collaboration in future as there are several challenges associated with research collaboration, such as group dynamics and conflict with authorship.

In future, I also foresee the network authoring monographs and books on research collaboration which may be of international guidelines that will be adopted by other chapters of the association of resident doctors on how to start and coordinate a research network.

Dr Dabota Yvonne Buowari is a Medical Officer with the Department of Accident and Emergency, University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. She is the Co-Chairperson of Research &Statistics Committee of NARD(2020/21) She is an active member of RCN since she joined as part of the first cohort.

Blog Editor: Oladimeji Adebayo

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