Meeting RSC Member: Dr Dabota Yvonne Buowari

Dr Dabota Yvonne Buowari is a Medical Officer at the Accident and Emergency Department of the University of Port Harcourt teaching hospital, Port Harcourt. In 2020, she was a member of the Legal and Legislative Committee, Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors (NARD)(2019/20).

She is the Vice-Chair of the Work-Life Balance Special Interest Group, a group Medical Women’s International Association.(MWIA). She is also the Secretary of the Continuous Medical Education and Violence against women and girls committees of the Rivers State branch of the Medical Women’s Association of Nigeria.

She has been an active member of the Research Collaboration Network (RCN) haven joined as part of the first cohort. She is the current co-chairperson, Research & Statistics Committee of NARD(2020/21). She is also a member of the national research team of the Medical Women’s Association of Nigeria and a co-lead of the ethics paper writing project of the Junior Doctors Network. Dabota was a co-moderator for the Covid-19 session during the Junior Doctors Network virtual conference in 2020.

She also contributed to the video clip of the Global Surgery Working Group of the Junior Doctors Network
She has authored some books about her home town and an article published in Festivals and Tours Africa magazine titled; The Cloth Known as George Wrapper; a cloth cherished in southern Nigeria. Her poem; Safe Surgery Saves Lives; took the third position in the Lifebox poetry contest. Besides being a doctor, she is also an author, historian and poet.

Some of the poems she has authored about the COVID-19 pandemic are:
-My facemask
-Is this what medicine is all about?
-The emergency physician, my COVID-19 hero
-COVID-19 heroines
-The city is quiet

Dr Dabota Yvonne Buowari

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