Submitted to the NARD Ordinary General meeting at Bauchi between 26th and 30th May 2020

The committee was inaugurated on 31st January 2020 with the following members

  1. Dr Oladimeji Adebayo-Chairman
  2. Dr Shehu Umar-Secretary
  3. Dr Onubogu Ifeanyi-Member
  4. Dr Cyril Jomusu-Member
  5. Dr James Hendris- Member
  6. Dr Efam Okonta- Member
  7. Dr Okorie John- Member

Key attainments

  1. Expansion of Research Collaboration Network (RCN)
    The trainee led research collaboration currently has 143 members which make it the largest of such collaboration in sub-Saharan African. The collaborators are from more than 30 NARD centres.
  2. COVID 19 publications
    NARD COVID 19 fact sheet, NARD COVID 19 research update (3 issues so far), articles of COVID 19 related themes for peer-review journals (2 reviews, I letter to the editor) have been developed.
  3. RSC/RCN website The website has been updated, and there would be regular exciting articles from the blog section.
  1. CHARTING study I
    This year alone over eight articles derived from a survey of about 900 participants are in various stage of production mainly in international peer-reviewed journals. The participants form part of the most extensive investigation of early-career doctors in Nigeria.
  2. CHARTING study II
    This second phase of CHARTING study is in the advanced stage of design, and it is poised to recruit 2000 participants from more than 32centres. CHARTING II is designed to be bigger than CHARTING I.
  3. NARD Statistical Update
    The 2020 database of NARD has reached an advanced stage. The committee is working with the Secretary-General to ensure rapid acquisition from all NARD centres.
  4. Robust research engagement
    The RCN has been a veritable source of research engagement and promotion of scholarship among NARDites since inception.

Dr Oladimeji Adebayo Dr Shehu Umar
Chairman Secretary


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